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In Love There’s War Movie Premiere At The GCUFF

It was a dream come true for Danielle Dominique to see her movie of “In Love There’s War” on the big screen. Her and cast members enjoyed a beautiful Friday night at Shaker Square Theater for the GCUFF (Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival) to watch the movie they worked so hard to create on the big movie screen.

They received a big round of applause after the movie and they all met in the lobby with big smiles ready to take lots of pictures, sign auto-graphs and go to the after party at the MOCA to celebrate.

Now Danielle and the cast are working on wrapping up filming season two of the series “In Love There’s War” which is scheduled to start in October on YouTube. Fans are patiently waiting and Danielle said they will not be disappointed because the next series is better than the first, so get ready for more spicy drama.

Danielle loves telling imaginary stories and she definitely has thoughts for another movie and series in the near future especially after their huge success at the film festival.

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GCUFF Features In Love There’s War

The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival features “In Love There’s War” film on Friday at 8:45 PM, Sept. 16th, 2016 at Shaker Square Cinema in Cleveland, Ohio.



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