Danielle Nelson

Meet Her

Danielle NelsonDanielle Dominique Nelson ~ Born in the city of East Cleveland, Ohio to an artistic mother and a comical father, Danielle followed the footsteps of her parents as she explored her numerous talents. She began exploring the arts of singing, dancing, and drawing. However, her gift of gab was hard to ignore. Just like her father, Danielle has always had the ability to create a story at the drop of a dime that would either have you dying in laughter, or in pure disbelief. Most of her stories would be fabricated but with her descriptive use of words, you would swear it was true. Her stories began as family entertainment then secretly led to a nighttime hobby expressed on notebook paper. By the age of 12, Danielle created her first book of poetry that she only shared with her childhood best friend. As her maturity grew and life experiences became relevant, that poetry book began to overflow. Soon her poems turned into stories and her stories turned into novels. Now, this storyteller is ready to unleash her works with the publication of her first novel, In Love There’s War which is scheduled to release in July of 2014. Beyond her creative writing, Danielle is one smart cookie. She graduated with honors from Cleveland State University with a Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing and a Masters of Education in Higher Education. She used her education to teach in local school districts in efforts to contribute to closing the gap of achievement while giving back to her community. She also engages in youth creative writing workshops where she can combine her love for writing and working with children. In addition to her professional success, Danielle is a proud mother of two beautiful daughters whom consume her days with love, laughter, and a boat load of bedtime stories. Asher writing career has only just begun, don’t expect nothing but the best from this motivated and creative author because her plan for success is intense. After the release of her first novel, Danielle plans to introduce her first play write also titled, In Love There’s War which will be featured in her hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. The release of her sequel, In Love There’s War II will follow along with her new romance series Single in Chicago. Inspired by the works of Shonda Rhimes, Mara Brock-Akil, and Tyler Perry, Danielle hopes to break into the world of screen writing with her countless amounts of stories she has brewing behind the scenes. So look out world, here comes Danielle Dominique!