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In Love There’s War


They say love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. Yet for Jada, Nicole, Sharnez, and Gabrielle, love is bearing more than their fragile hearts can endure. After marriages become deceiving and friendships are compromised, these ladies must put their personal problems aside to help each other through the toughest times. As Jada crosses her boundaries with a man better known as her best friend, and Nicole unravels a marriage with devastating hidden secrecies. Sharnez battles a war between commitment and her fiancés love for his hustle, and Gabrielle dedicates herself to hiding the truth behind that picture perfect marriage her parents sought out for her. These ladies do whatever it takes to weather the storm of love. Rather it’s denying a love that has always been there, or walking away from a love that causes the most pain, or portraying a falsified image just to satisfy others. These ladies come prepared for anything, because In Love There’s War.